COE Results - July 2024 (1st Quarter)
If you are unsure whether it is worth it to renew your COE, we got you all covered! Our experienced consultants at EZY-1 offer free unbiased advice on the pros and cons of renewing COE for 10 years vs 5 years. They can also help you calculate what are the costs involved based on the latest prevailing quota premium (PQP). We also settle your LTA paperwork and source for the cheapest bank loans for you.
July 2024
1st Bidding
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Our leasing packages includes the following
benefits at affordable rates:
  1. Maintenance (including wear and tear)
  2. Insurance and road tax
  3. Replacement vehicle for breakdown
  4. Free tyre replacement
Owning a vehicle in Singapore can be an expensive
affair, and choosing the right type of loan can make a
huge difference. At Ezy-1, we offer flexible loan
arrangements from banks, financial institution and
In-house channels. Speak to our friendly staffs to
find out more!
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